Advanced IT for your Business

DCS Group provides advanced yet affordable small business IT solutions to give clients a competitive edge. We are IT experts with decades of experience and cutting edge expertise. We are not tied to any particular vendor – that means our only goal is to guide you to the best solution for your needs. Our approach emphasizes long term relationships where we work as an integrated part of your business, providing responsive support and maintenance that keeps your business running smoothly.

Our specialization includes:

  • CRM
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Reporting Systems
  • Email and collaboration
  • Custom tablet and phone solutions
  • Network and server
  • Cyber Security
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery


We emphasize long term relationships where we work on retainer as an integrated part of your business. We are also available on an hourly basis. Although we are based in Connecticut, we are available to work remotely with clients across the country. Contact us any time by phone or email to setup a first meeting.

Office: 203.256.2344
Mobile: 203.258.1991

Getting the most out of reporting systems and CRM

Businesses are great at capturing data, but often fail to build actionable intelligence from the information they gather. We help you make the best use of your existing reporting and CRM systems, giving you the information to make the right decisions for your business. We also deploy new CRM systems, including migration from an existing system to new software.

Advanced yet affordable IT for small business

An incorrect consensus amongst resellers is that small businesses can handle only basic technology. We disagree. By breaking your projects down into affordable phases, we keep momentum going and can provide advanced IT to any business.

Proactive maintenance to prevent emergencies

We are a managed services provider. We believe an ounce of maintenance is better than a pound of repair. If you speak with our clients, you’ll find we’ve convinced them not to guess when making even small technology decisions – a quick call at anytime can prevent all kinds of headaches later.¬†Our model of consistent, regular support is more cost effective and productive than irregular, crisis-based approaches.

Virtual IT department and remote support

For many of our clients, we act as a virtual IT department, monitoring and managing your servers, work stations, devices, websites, and other IT assets. Our remote monitoring and support tools allow us to proactively maintain your infrastructure and security.

Disaster recovery, business continuity, and cyber security

We keep your data secure and backed up. We stress an automated backup process to onsite and cloud locations to keep your data safe and quick to recover. Our cyber security approach stresses both employee education and safe computing practices.

A track record of success

We have helped dozens of clients get the most from their IT assets. Our clients include financial firms, distributors, manufacturers, professional services, and others.